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How to Protect WordPress Website from Hacker and Malware?

Freeware make life easier and cheaper for normal user. But, sometime it is costlier if we don't know and prepare to protect website from hacker and malware. First all, when new upgrade themes and plugin release, please update as soon as possible so that the bug and whole will be fixed. Secondly, install anti spyware…
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How to secure laptop or gazettes from burglaries ?

laptop repair farnborough[/caption] According to PC 1860 Mark Ronalo, " Immobilise is an international securing company. Many police forces recommend it because it provides a national database of your personal property". And, he also further said that personal identification is disclosed and secure and only liked to items of who has registered it and verify…
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Up to 100 banks hit by cyber security and potential loss could be $100 bn.

According to financial times, data released by Kasperky, a Russian security company, that about 100 banks threatening to hit in the research carried out backing by Interpol , euro pol and agencies in many countries that number of companies investigating. The attacks were all said to have been mounted by an international criminal gang referred…
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How to Save ££ or $$ from Laptop or PC

Laptop repair of Sony, HP, Compaq, Dell etc.There are some basic technique that may help to prevent repair or damage hardware of Laptop and Personal Computer(PC). * Always place laptop or PC in Hard Wood,Metal or Book that won't cause warm to hit sink. And, also need to place in the clear surface so that…
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