How to secure laptop or gazettes from burglaries ?

laptop repair farnborough laptop repair farnborough[/caption] According to PC 1860 Mark Ronalo, " Immobilise is an international securing company. Many police forces recommend it because it provides a national database of your personal property". And, he also further said that personal identification is disclosed and secure and only liked to items of who has registered it and verify with name and email address. The address are unknown.

The web address is

For the home safe, he also gave the tips that we should place glass alarm, small devices that stick to the windows or glass doors because when intruders breaks windows or glass, it vibrates and make loud noise. He further said that lighting at home if there is no one and closed all the doors and drive way also help to reduce burglaries.

For further experience share, I had conversation with Chairman of Rushmore Nepalese community, Rohit Gurung. He said he had lots of experiences dealing with local police unit on the support of victim due to the representative of Nepalese community in the Rushmoore that police's suggestion is to use the preventive means to reduce burglaries.

Therefore, I think it is better to prevention is better than the incident happened.

Reference: Everest Times Ltd, 24.02.2015

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