How to Save ££ or $$ from Laptop or PC

Laptop repair of Sony, HP, Compaq, Dell etc. Laptop repair of Sony, HP, Compaq, Dell etc.There are some basic technique that may help to prevent repair or damage hardware of Laptop and Personal Computer(PC).

* Always place laptop or PC in Hard Wood,Metal or Book that won't cause warm to hit sink. And, also need to place in the clear surface so that the dust may not go in through fan in the hit sink which is side of the lap top or back of the pc. The work of hit sink and fan is make coolant to the CPU and other parts so that the temperature may not rise.

* Always do proper shut down.
* Time to time health check up of the laptop or PC.
*Take advice from professional if problem arises to avoid hardware failure.

This is some basic technique which may help to reduce the problem in your Laptop or Personal Computer which are still important for Office work, Educational Assignment.

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